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12.30 | 9.30 – Welcome & Industry Overview: The Development of Industrialized Construction


This opening session will track the growth and development of offsite construction in all its forms to date, and how the industry is beginning to define different degrees of prefabrication from single-trade componentry through volumetric modular. Explore how all stakeholders are being required to change both strategic and tactical thinking as we enter the Age of Industrialization, particularly in our definition, planning and reimagining of the difference of projects and products.

1.00 | 10.00 – Assessing Your Company’s Prefab Readiness


It’s time to get comfortable with change – everyone needs to change to get ahead and embrace offsite construction. Prefab allows us to build better buildings in a safer environment, but not all companies are ready to make the switch to industrialized construction methods. Join this session with Amy Marks, Queen of Prefab, to assess the trends that are currently shaping prefabrication as a whole and understand what your company needs to do to readily embrace prefabrication mindsets and techniques successfully.

1.30 | 10.30 – Live Q&A

1.40 | 10.40 – Curating Institutional Knowledge to Streamline Future Exploration of Offsite Opportunities

  • Jim Barrett Chief Innovation Officer, Turner Construction Company


  • Mapping out the process our team went through to collate quantitative and qualitative information about our offsite construction learnings from different projects across the company
  • Discover how a central resource was created to provide a reference point for the entire company to more effectively disseminate institutional knowledge
  • Understand how this resource is being leveraged by teams to inform their offsite construction strategy and what makes most ‘sense’ for each project

2.10 | 11.10 Live Q&A

2.20 | 11.20 True Construction Partners: Leveraging BPMs (Building Product Manufacturers) to Add Value to Projects & Increase your Win Ratio


BPMs are typically in-the-know about upcoming projects and are actively involved in the design development phase which allows an opportunity for early planning and sourcing. When BPMs are part of the design and scope of the project they can reduce cost, waste and delays by offering technical expertise, customizing material and shipments and controlling material pricing for more predictability
Join this fireside chat to explore the value of building solid relationships with your BPM to raise confidence, minimize revenue going to your bottom line, and reduce unplanned delays and wasted materials onsite

2.50 | 11.50 – Break & Refresh

3.10 | 12.10 – The Evolution of Offsite Construction in the Pandemic: Becoming the Next Normal


Following the publication of the report ‘The next normal in construction: How disruption is reshaping the world’s largest eco-system’, join the team from McKinsey as they deep dive into the way the pandemic has accelerated significant change in the industry, and how industrialization is opening doors for innovative, agile organizations to begin rethinking their approach and take the lion’s share of the new opportunity.

3.40 | 12.40 – Audience Breakouts: How Can You Transform & Disrupt to Emerge Stronger Post-Pandemic?


During these 30-minute breakouts the audience will be divided into stakeholder specific groups, in which time you will be able to build on initial discussions and dive into how your role is changing within the new construction eco-system. Share ideas on how you can adapt to the ever-evolving economic landscape of the coming years and overcome current barriers to position yourselves at the forefront of the offsite revolution.

4.00 | 1.00 Fireside Chat: Taking Lessons Learned from Industrialized Ventures to Date to Rethink Productization & Localization


Through the growth of industrialization in design and construction in the last ten years, the awareness for new business models and a reimagining of the position of modular firms in the traditional AEC supply chain has grown. However, many have tried and failed to reconcile this dynamic which has only been compounded by the economic uncertainty of 2020. Therefore, this fireside chat with some of the industry leaders at the coalface of these struggles will delve into the lessons learned from industry failures to date to prevent us from reinventing the wheel in the future, and provide a new perspective of future-proofing industrialized services.
• How can teams more effectively productize and market prefabricated solutions to reduce stigma and further grow industrialization in the industry?
• In what ways can new companies integrate and work with the traditional supply chain to harness local talent and cement their position in local markets?
• What is the future of localization for modular manufacturers to further drive cost efficiencies and rival the cost efficiencies of Europe and the Asia- Pacific?

4.40 | 1.40 – Spotlight: Disrupting Traditional Business Structures & Approaches to Reach New Heights of Corporate Responsibility With Offsite Construction

  • Scott Flynn Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Indie Dwell


Join us for this spotlight to take inspiration from indieDwell as they discuss how they have adapted their corporate structure to become an enabler of innovation and industrialized construction.

  • Understand the ESG and UN-SDG benefits of modular construction and how this incentivized the founding of indieDwell as a Public Benefit Corporation
  • Demonstrate how establishing an innovative corporate structure and approach to stakeholder relationships has helped unite all parties to a common mission: Creating a positive societal and environmental impact
  • Mapping out the ways indieDwell is driving towards sustainability goals in the factory, in our projects and wider corporate mission to help reach carbon neutrality goals in the coming years: What are the ways more companies can move towards this goal?

5.10 | 2.10 – Live Q&A

5.20 | 2.20 – Day One Wrap Up

5.30 | 2.30 – End of Day One