***PLEASE NOTE: All Timings Listed as follows: ET | PT***

Market Specific Breakouts


While presentations and formal discussions will begin in earnest during the afternoon of each day, in the morning attendees will have the opportunity to attend market-specific networking, panels, and trailblazing case studies to meet potential future project partners and better tailor session learnings to their own projects.

Data Centers


11.30 | 8.30 Unpacking the Evolution in Supply Chain, DfMA and Productization in the Future of Data Center Construction

Amy Marks, Queen of Prefab

Ben Kaplan, SVP Critical Facilities, Turner Construction Company

Chris McLean, Director of Mission Critical Solutions, MC Dean

Scott Muller, Senior Project Manager, BCER Engineering

11.30 | 8.30 Assessing the Long-Term Recovery of Hospitality Construction: How Will Industrialization
Offer a New Normal?

  • Evaluate how ‘the new normal’ of societal behavior will impact future hotel design and what offsite
    construction could offer to meet these new requirements
  • Forecast the recovery timeline for the hospitality industry to inform construction pipelines
  • Taking lessons learned from ongoing projects through the pandemic and how teams can further mitigate
    future challenges

Dale Stern, Vice President, MGAC Hospitality

Michael Heitsman, Chief Development Officer, Best GEN

Chuck Savage, Director of Modular Buildings Design & Construction, JC Elite Construction Services, LLC

12.00 | 9.00 Meet the Speaker & Speed Networking

During the hour after the morning sessions, all attendees will have the option of staying in the session rooms to continue Q&A and discussion time with speakers, or head across to our speed networking area. This is your opportunity to meet 1-2-1 with other attendees to establish new industry contacts. The hour will be split into three market-specific sessions, so please make sure you join only at the right time for your specific interests!

12.00 | 9.00 Multi-Family
12.20 | 9.20 Data Centers
12.40 | 9.40 Hospitality

1.00 | 10.00 – Break

1.30 | 10.30 – Welcome to Day Four & What to Expect

Reaching New Heights With Offsite Construction

1.40 | 10.40 – Developing Digital Tools & Mindsets to Expand the Use of Offsite Construction as a Solution to the UK Affordable Housing Crisis


  • Understand challenges with traditional procurement and project workflows in the UK housing market that must change for greater success with MMC
  • Mapping out how forward-thinking initiatives such as the DfMA Digital Toolkit are educating stakeholders on how to integrate and create a new roadmap for success with offsite construction
  • Spotlight projects that have begun embracing these new tools and thinking to deliver, faster, high quality, more sustainable housing in the UK

2.10 | 11.10 – Live Q&A

2.20 | 11.20 – Creating Global Offsite Construction Systems: Trends, Innovations & Adaptation


  • Discuss global compliance issues and how companies are navigating these to provide universal solutions for offsite adopters
  • Revealing how time and motion testing is being leveraged to strategically improve product manufacturing: What are the major lessons learned that should be adopted by our prefabrication facilities?
  • Discover innovations in connection design and material optimization from Europe, Australasia and the Americas and how these are changing the way we will build in the coming years

2.50 | 11.50 – Live Q&A

3.00 | 12.00 – Building a More Value Driven Approach for all Stakeholders Leveraging DfMA in the Asia-Pacific Region to Date


  • Overview the journey of DfMA in Asia: What’s working and what’s not in the current model?
  • Spotlight some of the most innovative projects in Hong Kong to date and how private developers are enabling more adventurous adoption of offsite construction
  • Building a roadmap for the future of DfMA in this region to help introduce a more flexible, platform approach that will enable adoption of the full scope of industrialized solutions

3.30 | 12.30 – Live Q&A

3.40 | 12.40 – Break

4.00 | 1.00 – The Hermal Journey: Evolving CLT Products & Buildings in the Australian Market


  • Evaluate the scope of CLT solutions being leveraged in Australia to date and how a hardwood timber could bring new benefits and challenges for the market
  • Understand Passivhaus concepts and environmental benefits shaping the timber industry and how the team has leveraged these to secure the buy in of both public and private clients
  • Mapping out the future evolution of the ‘plantation to project’ concept in the coming years

4.30 | 1.30 – Live Q&A

4.40 | 1.40 – Developing Codes & Resources to Further Develop Offsite Construction in the US: What’s Next?


To close the forum, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the role that regulatory standards play in the proliferation of offsite construction. Learn how standards development organizations and subject matter experts are working together to develop standards for offsite construction in the USA and Canada to support the industry in fully harnessing offsite construction. The session will cover research that set the foundation for the current standards development, the scope of the new standards and the roadmap for these standards to be ready for use on projects.

5.10 | 2.10 – Live Q&A

5.20 | 2.20 – Closing Remarks: Your Invitation to Advancing Prefabrication 2021


After the main program ends, the platform will remain open for two hours to allow time for attendees to finish networking, conducting meetings, and ensure you have all the contacts you need to forge long-term relationships that can further your offsite construction journey.