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11.00 | 7.00 – Join Our Tech Slam & Dive into Automation in Construction


Kick off the morning in our exhibition area and join our tech slam where ABB and Brave Control Solutions will dive into the practical steps you can take to embrace automation in construction. You’ll discover the current barriers to digitization and automation in the industry, understand the current maturity of your organization when it comes to automation intelligence, and walk away with the steps you need to take to build this intelligence in the coming years.

12.00 | 9.00 – Break

1.00 | 10.00 – Welcome to Day Two & What to Expect

1.10 | 10.10 – The Rainier Square Tower Project: Bringing the Team Together Early to Reinvent Traditional Workflows & Maximize Innovation with Offsite Opportunities


Join the team from the recently completed Rainier Square Tower Project as they lift the lid on the development of its novel Lego-like plate steel sandwich core, from project feasibility studies through a fully integrated preconstruction process. Understand how they secured buy-in of the entire team and harnessed the expertise of every project partner to invent a new offsite construction approach.

  • Discover the motivations for pursuing offsite construction with the Client and how the team were bought in to realizing a new concept
  • Overview key project features and metrics to understand how composite sandwich panels were successfully used to cut schedule time in half
  • Mapping out how the team came together in early project planning and preconstruction to maximize project efficiencies and economies at every stage of the workflow: How did each partner step outside of their comfort zone to realize accelerated timelines and what were the lessons learned?
  • Explore key lessons learned from this project to ensure use of the system becomes more economical in the future

1.50 | 10.50 Live Q&A

2.00 | 11.00 – Rethinking Financing for Prefabrication & Modular Construction


  • An overview of current construction lending and how modular financing fits (or does not!) into this structure
  • Mapping out the changed financial model, risk profile and flow of money necessary to kickstart your project:
    How can this change across project types or with different manufacturers?
  • Understanding what has historically gone right and wrong with offsite construction on projects and the proactive steps that owners, developers and their partners can take to set the project on the road to success from the outset

2.30 | 11.30 – Live Q&A

2.40 | 11.40 – Break & Refresh

The role of the Owner in Facilitating Offsite Construction

Securing Buy-in & Commitment of the Entire Team

3.20 | 12.20 Adapting Team Procurement & Onboarding
Timelines for Optimal Design Insight

  • Define different levels of prefabrication and how this impacts the scope of work for each specialty partner
  • Mapping out the optimal timeline for onboarding according to the level of prefabrication each partner is
    involved with
  • Working with preconstruction and procurement teams to adapt contracting and financing models to facilitate the early introduction of project partners: How can we overcome pressures to secure the most competitive pricing and best partners when opting for more integrated workflows?

Mark Boyle, Chief Procurement Officer, Turner Construction Company

3.20 | 12.20 Overcoming GC & Trade Resistance to Prefabrication: Frameworks & Evidence

During this session, attendees will reflect upon industry barriers and be provided a framework in which to motivate changes in mindsets and behavior of peers:

  • Overview common emotional and perceptive barriers
    to engaging with and fully committing to Multi-trade
    collaboration: How does that differ from General
    Contractor to specialty partners?
  • Understanding the psychological motivations of
    field workers, and how these motivators can be most
    effectively navigated to promote engagement with
    offsite construction
  • Identifying the primary fears of trade unions about the
    rise in prefabrication and industrialization and how we
    as champions can effectively combat those fears to
    begin turning the wheel industry-wide
  • Building the value of coming together with the GC
    and trade partners who have never collaborated on a
    multi-trade assembly before to harness their collective
    experience and encourage further innovation with

Hugh Seaton, Innovation & Technology Advisor, Blue Collar Capital Partners

3.50 | 12.50 Live Q&A

3.50 | 12.50 Live Q&A

4.00 | 1.00 Optimizing Contracts & Agreements to
Incentivize Industrialization

  • Review why standard contract and purchase orders do not appropriately handle the requirements of offsite
    construction relationships
  • Understand the conversations teams must have up front to ensure appropriate handling of risk, financing,
    and drive accountability of all parties when leveraging modular construction
  • Discover the clauses and supplementary documents currently driving commitment and accountability of all partners on industrialized projects
  • Evaluating the evolution of more collaborative industry agreements that underline new roles and relationships for offsite construction, and secure the best interests of all parties

H Arthur Bolick II, Construction Law Partner, Brooks Pierce McLendon Humphrey & Leonard LLP

Camden C. Betz, Partner, Brooks Pierce McLendon Humphrey & Leonard LLP

4.00 | 1.00 Benchmarking Best Practices to Integrate Modular Companies with Traditional Project Partners

  • Evaluate the current hurdles to selecting and onboarding the right modular partner early enough in project planning to fully streamline their involvement
  • Restructuring contractual agreements to redistribute
    risk and evaluating the implications of the new divisions
    of responsibility with other parties: How does this differ
    across different manufacturers?
  • Outlining how to kick off projects involving firms to quickly and efficiently establish trust and collaboration with less engaged construction partners
  • Explore how current models may begin to converge to build a more sophisticated, organized supply chain to better serve current industry demand

James Garrison, Principal, Garrison Architects

Sal Tranchina, Senior Associate, Garrison Architects

4.30 | 1.30 Live Q&A

4.30 | 1.30 Live Q&A

4.40 | 1.40 Working With State & Local AHJs to Ease the Permitting & Approvals Process

  • An overview of the changed timeline and requirements for decision making, state and local approvals for varying
    degrees of offsite construction
  • Evaluate the use of mock-ups to support owner and inspector buy in, and how we used this to educate team
    members to feel more comfortable with, and accept, offsite construction
  • Understand common roadblocks teams must overcome when it comes to permitting and benchmark different ways of working with various jurisdictional bodies to overcome initial reticence

Ben Bunge, Senior Project Manager, The Weitz Company

4.40 | 1.40 Unveiling ConsensusDocs 753 - The Industry’s First Prefabrication Agreement

  • Understand how the recently released Consensus Docs 753, the industry’s first prefabrication form agreement between Constructor and Prefabricator, can be utilized to properly allocate risk from prefabrication through
  • Discover how this hybrid-agreement can help general contractors, subcontractors, prefabricators and modular firms alike, navigate the pitfalls of traditional approaches to contracting and properly address prefab operations and implementation
  • Map out next steps to harness the benefits of this new form of agreement on your next project!

Ron Ciotti, Partner, Hinkley Allen

5.10 | 2.10 Live Q&A

5.10 | 2.10 Live Q&A

5.10 | 2.10 – Day Two Wrap Up